The perfect diet, anyone?



Is there really a perfect diet? Arriving at the perfect diet is not as quick or as simple such as the tasks in today’s world of fast-paced living. The best weight loss diet is one that will help you to eat less, eat healthy, exercise more, make you feel more alive than ever.

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Just recently, a South American teenage model died of suspected malnutrition. That sad news topped the headlines and stunned the fashion industry. It happened just six months after her “size zero” sister starved herself to death on a diet of lettuce leaves and Diet Coke. Like her elder sister, preliminary indications suggest that she died suddenly of a heart attack, as a result of malnutrition. In response to these incidents, ultra-thin or size zero models were barred from participating in the Madrid Fashion Week 2006. Organizers of the fashion show for the Milan leg also followed suit.

These tragic deaths sparked an international debate about the ethics of using models who have “size zero” measurements. Size zero, in metric terms, is having the following vital statistics: 31.5 inches in bust size; 23 inches in waistline; and 34 inches in hip measure. Zero size is indeed alarming of one goes by the standard measurements. The average waistline of an eight year-old Caucasian is about 22 inches, making the size zero waistline of 23 inches incredible and dangerous at the same time.

These ultra skinny super models are idolized and imitated by thousands if not millions of women around the world. While not all of these super models starve themselves almost to the point of death, great care must be exercised in marketing their unique looks as the ideal for women to follow. One area of urgent action is the need to address myths and misconceptions about dieting. The proliferation of super model diets and other diet fads have left many women sick and unsightly. Many who were uninformed or ignorant about the science behind dieting have pursued their quest for physical perfection by following some supposedly “perfect diet program” that guarantees the attainment of a super model body.
But is there really a perfect diet?

By definition, a diet is something you undertake for weight loss. A diet will require you to alter your food choices and consumption. Most of the diets have either lots of fibers, or steamed vegetables, and very little or practically no room for carbohydrates. Although it might make you feel light, it certainly induces a series of side effects. These may vary from severe head aches, to black outs, to low mental balances to even desperate carbohydrate cravings — to something as serious as heart failure and death.

There are a lot of popular diet plans that currently being offered to weight-watchers and regular consumers. Research has shown that the majority of people who start on a diet plan tend to lose between 5 to 10% of their starting weight within 3 months of starting their plan. However, when the weight loss slows down, people tend to become disappointed with the slow progress of the plan and often abandon the diet and then regain the weight they had lost.

No single diet will work perfectly for everyone, but there are diet plans that might suit an individual. The way to pick a diet program that is right for you is to find a plan that contains the food you like and the one that reflects your lifestyle. These diet plans should be accompanied by regular exercise and adequate rest and sleep.

Everyone knows the keys to losing weight achieved through discipline and balance in all aspects of the diet and exercise program. It sounds simple enough, but in real life, losing those excess pounds can be very demanding on one’s time and level of effort. Individual diet plans really depend on each person’s health and weight loss goals. The best weight loss diet is one that will help you to eat less, eat healthy, and exercise more. The perfect diet should not end up in deprivation, starvation, or much worse, the loss of one’s life. Losing the extra pounds and gaining more enjoyment in life are the real outcomes of a perfect diet.