Vitamin Intro

This article was originally written by Tyler Falls

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Today in our modern age we have just about every supplement possible. Every vitamin from a-z can be found in supplement form. Along with vitamins, herbal capsules and high concentrated of other things such as bee pollen and folic acid are common. Todays fast paced and unhealthy diets have lead to a dependency on a multi or daily vitamin. Although our bodies produce most of the necessary nutrients required for living. We sometimes end up not getting enough of one vitamin. Vitamin deficiency of certain vitamins can lead to health problems. Over dosing on vitamin supplements is usually pretty hard, although there are certain vitamins you want to avoid taking high amounts of. Taking large amounts of some supplements can seriously harm you or even cause death. Always consult your doctor for advice before taking vitamin supplements.
Nutrition is becoming a more important issue in todays culture. And vitamin supplements are making it easier than ever to aquire the healthy amount of all vitamins and an asortment of other healthy herbs. Vitamins of course are one type of supplement but others include; antioxidants, diertics, amino acids, bee pollen and many more. High concentrations of some herbs are very beneficial to your health too. Some herbal supplements include; ginsing, echinacea, soy, fish oil, folic acid and more. Supplements generally never expire, but light and heat can often reduce the quality of the vitamin. Proper usage and storage are important things to keep in mind when on a supplement diet.
Vitamins are linked to so many health problem and soultions. For instance, research suggest that vitamin d can slow the rate of prostate cancer growth in men. And hair loss occurs when the diet is inadequate in the b vitamins. some of the b vitamins include; b6, b3,and b5. Lack of minerals such as magnesium sulfur and zinc can also be linked to hair loss. As you can see vitamins are essential.